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We offer corporate team building activities that are fun and effective.

The tropical island of Phuket provides stunning back-drops for our inspiring, fun, adventurous custom designed team building activities.

Our team building activities address your company's needs in a fun, safe and challanging way.

We have standard indoor, outdoor and adventure activities as well as custom-designed team building activities according to your specific needs.

Guaranteed fun and guaranteed learning!

Team building activities can be one day or a half-day.

Our team building exercises include but are not limited to the following categories:

  • Races
  • Treasure hunts
  • Survival skills
  • Learning with fun
  • Cooking challenges
  • Leadership
  • Win Win
  • Problem solving

We plan every single detail of the activity to ensure your group fully engage.

From the type of activity through to the location and facilitators we able to create a truly professional and unforgettable learning experience.

Thinking about what would work best for your group we design and layout the entire activity from start to end.

Experienced team building facilitators guide and support your group throughout the activity.

Our delivery team passionately care about you and are committed to providing our guest the best possible learning experience ever.


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